• Zimbabwe joins the march

    Zimbabwe joins the march

  • End violence, empower women

    End violence, empower women

  • I march for every woman

    I march for every woman

  • Madagascar joins in

    Madagascar joins in

  • #Mauritius


  • Tchombo!


  • #Lesotho


  • #Genderlinks Botswana

    #Genderlinks Botswana


Gender Links joined FEMNET, CIVICUS and other partners in the week of action on inequality  with a special focus on funding for gender equality.

We spoke out together on social media to disrupt the cosy conversation of the world’s political and business elites at the Davos World Economic Forum. We are facing an inequality emergency, and it is time for them to listen to the most marginalised people, and to act.

We know it’s possible to have a society where everyone matters, and nobody is rich or powerful enough to be immune from the rules. But powerful elites and corporations won’t change a system that works for them without pressure. That’s why we came together in January to loudly challenge the concentration of power in the hands of an elite few, and to demand a better future where governments #fightinequality.

On Saturday, January 21, GL joined  an estimated five million people  from across the globe who held solidarity events with Women’s March Global, to protest the rising attacks on the rights of women and minority groups. GL offered  a seminars at their local country offices in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Mauritius. These seminars gave participants a platform to highlight some of the challenges that women rights organisations are facing as a result of aid cuts and how they can make the most impact with limited resources and alternative means of funding.

Gender Links CEO Colleen Lowe Morna gave an insight interview post the march with Leanne Manas on Morning live.

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