Vision and mission


Gender Links (GL) is committed to an inclusive, equal and just society in which women and girls in all their diversities exercise their voice and choice in accordance with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development and related regional, continental and global instruments.


GL achieves its vision through a people-centred approach guided by the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development that is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, Beijing Plus Twenty and Africa Agenda 2063.

GL achieves its vision through:

  • Outcomes that contribute to the attainment of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) including ending gender violence; gender-responsive governance; gender equality in and through the media; economic and climate justice.
  • Interventions that further these goals at local, national, regional and global level. These are: global advocacy through Action Coalition Six of Generation Equality that GL co-leads; Movement building through the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance; Local Action for Gender Justice; empowering partners through sub granting particularly to community-based organisations; and communicating change using new media tools.
  • A strong and sustainable organisation that includes a fund raising unit; grant making and income generating capabilities.
  • Results for change delivered through a robust and transparent system and processes for planning, monitoring, evaluation, learning, innovation, knowledge management and sharing.
  • Engaged, capable staff, partners, and associates with the motivation, facilities and tools to deliver high quality work.
  • Strong continuously updated policies and practices overseen by a diverse, compliant and accountable governance structure.
  • Strong and compliant financial policies, systems and practices that result in zero tolerance for corruption as well as Value for Money.

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