15 Years of Service

Gender Links is Celebrating our 15 Years of Service and hard work by taking a look back at our programs, honoring our success and highlighting our impact. We will be doing this for the next 15 weeks. Check back weekly as each week has a new theme and content highlighting GL’s global impact. Additionally you can see a timeline of key historical GL events here

One of the main features of our work is the work that we do in the community, click here to find out more and help us continue our work.

Have you worked with us? Have an experience with GL that you would like to share? Or perhaps you simply want to comment on one of our weekly highlights? Please feel to do so at the bottom of this page in the ‘comments’ section.

Week 1 28 March– 1 April
Theme Gender Links for equality and justice!
Press Release Fifteen years of service
Key Date 28 March – Easter Monday
Annual Report Overview and Chairpersons report

Board Member

Emily – TBA

Learning Journey

Colleen Lowe Morna – Back to the Future
Key Facts GL has reached over 122, 611 direct beneficiaries;

35% men, 65% women.

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in English and French.

Drivers of Change Monday: Namibia- Sebastian So-oabeb

Tuesday: Mauritius- Paulette Lagaite

Wednesday: Lesotho –Thabo Malie

Thursday: Madagascar- Abraham Augustin Randrianaivo

Friday: Zambia- Elizabeth Twiggy Mulenga



Monday: Lesotho –Thato Ntelekoa

Tuesday:  Madagascar-  Marie Jeannette

Wednesday: Zambia- Rosemary Muza

Thursday: Namimbia-  Nakandjemo

Friday: Botswana-Sarah