Loga Virahsawmy is the former President of the Media Watch Organisation, the Mauritian Chapter of the Southern Africa Gender in the Media (GEM) Network. As a freelance journalist and gender activist, she writes mainly on gender and social issues. Her articles have been published in the South African “Beeld” Newspaper, Rhodes Journalism Review and Worldwoman of Scotland. She is called to speak on gender issues from time to time.

She writes short stories and has published two books, written in collaboration with her husband, entitled: Konpran Feminin (Maternal Thinking) and Morisien, Zinnia, Ziliet ek Lezot (Mauritian, Zinnia, Ziliet and others). Her stories are also published in “Collection Maurice”.

Loga is an active member of the Communications Committee of MACOSS (the umbrella organization of all NGOs in Mauritius). She is largely responsible for the quota on gender and local government in Lesotho and has received the highest order award from the Prime Minister for her contribution to promoting gender equality in Mauritius. She is also well known in Seychelles, DRC and Mauritius.

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