Marta Cumbi is an Economist with a Masters Degree in National Development and Project Planning from Bradford University, UK. She worked for the Foundation for Community Development (FDC), a Mozambican not for profit foundation from 1994 to 2012, where she played different roles in the governing structure including Programme Director, Interim Executive Director and Director for Gender, Cooperation and Advocacy. She has served as a Board member of different civil Society organizations and platforms as well as government bodies.


At national level she played a role of President of the Board of the Mozambican Debt Group and Mozambican Education Network and Head of the Steering Committee of G20 (Mozambican Civil Society Platform for Poverty Reduction) and Vice-President of the National Commission of SADC on Human Development and Special Programmes. Now she is the Chairperson of FAWE-Mozambique and Vice-President of the Mozambican Education Network. At regional and continental levels, Marta Cumbi is a Board Member of AFRODAD (African Network on Debt and Development) and Prominent Educationalist of FAWE (Forum of African Women Educationalists).


At International level she is a Board Member of CIVICUS (Worldwide Alliance for Citizen Participation).


Marta’s 2015/2016 learning journey