Director GL Mauritius and Francophone Operations

Anushka now lives in Mauritius, working for Gender Links Mauritius since August 2013 and driving the overall vision and formulating strategy, programs and processes to create an innovative and leading-edge NGO. She is also managing the GL Training Services and finding innovative way to fund programme work locally.

Anushka has a Masters in Education and a Honors Degree in Communications and design from Cambridge, UK. Before joining GL, Anushka worked in England and Greece as Marketing & Communications and Corporate Citizenship Lead for Accenture from 2008 to 2010. In 2010 Anushka was promoted to Talent Strategist and Leadership & Professional Development Lead where she drove the overall vision and  programs and processes to create an innovative and leading edge Talent/Leadership & Professional Development organization. When new architectures were needed, Anushka would be asked to foster innovation and pilot new ideas, partnering with global strategy and innovation teams to ensure that innovations were available to others. Anushka also developed communications strategies to build awareness of the Talent/Leadership & Professional Development initiatives and learning programs available to the organization. She also helped to educate, coach and counsel new joiners in Accenture and close the gap from being a fresh graduate to a professional.

With the experience she acquired from her previous jobs, she now finds innovative ways to accelerate the way GL works in Mauritius and is always on the look out for potential projects and funding. She is often solicited in combating and talking about Gender Based Violence (GBV) in schools, private companies, Universities and the Media. She leads through example and is a great believer in giving people space and proper guidance and mentoring to develop. Her key drives are about reflective action learning; alignment of strategic business goals and objectives; engagement and commitment to the business, gained through mentoring and counseling.

In 2014 Anushka was the winner for the national and regional 2014 Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards. Anushka is also an approved trainer and she delivers various leadership, professional and personal development courses globally and also Gender mainstreaming courses in Africa.

Anushka went to Geneva for the 71 st session of the CEDAW committee held at the United Nations on the 29 th of October 2018. This is the first time in the history of Mauritius that a Non-Governmental Organisation has taken to floor and presented a Shadow Report at the United Nations, CEDAW Committee. The Shadow Report consisted of the inputs of Gender Links Mauritius and local Mauritian NGOs namely Media Watch Organisation, SOS Femmes and Young Queer Alliance.

As a Gender Based Violence advocate, Anushka is also the founder of Safe Haven Halfway Home in 2017, which welcomes women and girls in need of shelter, due to Domestic Violence. In 2019, the halfway home moved to a bigger space in Saint Pierre where more people could be accommodated. In 2020, with the approval of the EU project, Anushka has worked with women in the Advancing of Gender Equality in Mauritius and Rodrigues; and since 2022, there is a close collaboration which has been established with the Commission of Rodrigues and there are also ongoing trainings conducted by Anushka with the private and the public sector on leadership in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

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