Finance Systems Associate

E-ssist Business Solutions Director Casey Dedekind, had begun her career in 2002 working for various companies in the financial software environment supporting and implementing a multitude of financial management programs including, what was at the time, Softline-Pastel Evolution. Her desire to continue providing customers with the service and relationships they had grown accustomed to eventually led her to the realisation that the only way to improve would be to become the captain of her own ship.

From early beginnings working 16 hours a day at a small desk in the family kitchen, while still managing to be a loving mother to her new-born baby, Casey has grown E-ssist Business Solutions to a respected and valued Sage Business Partner. She is supported by her team of specialised consultants, who under her leadership have allowed E-ssist Business Solutions to achieve Platinum Business Partner status for 8 years.

Offering bespoke system customisation and development, expert training, cross-vertical system integration and professional support, E-ssist Business Solutions have become a favoured business partner for Sage problem resolution and re-implementation. With more than a decade of experience, the company now boasts a portfolio of more than 150 satisfied national and international customers.