Debrah MukukuMarketing, Integrity and Compliance Manager 

Debrah Mukuku is the Marketing, Integrity and Compliance Manager at Gender Links. She joined the organisation in July 2013, initially as the GL Cottages Manager responsible for the Marketing and general management of this sustainability arm of Gender Links. Debrah is a qualified and professional marketer who thrives in an entrepreneurial, dynamic environment where excellency and hard work are key to the business and her own personal success. Within the first two years of her joining the GL Cottages, this income generating unit of Gender Links was resuscitated into a viability entity. She owes this success to her persistent nature and financial acumen.

Prior to joining Gender Links in South Africa, Debrah Mukuku served as a Customer Services and Compliance Manager at Barclays Bank, Trust bank and ZABG banks in Harare, Zimbabwe over a period of ten years. Her career in the banking industry helped her to get vast exposure to key compliance and strategic issues within the banking industry. In this role, Debrah Mukuku dealt with risk component issues within banks such as Anti-Money laundering policies, quality management systems for service excellency, daily operational tasks and handling personal banking for high net worth clientele.

Debrah’s greatest strength lies in her ability to multi-task and cover various areas of work across the working environment. At Gender Links, Debrah continued to develop vast experience in the marketing and customer service industry, as well as Business development. Debrah is also driven by her deep passion for people, coupled with her excellent understanding of finances, compliance and policy issues – having been a banker for the greater part of her working life. Among other strengths, Debrah has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, integrity and professionalism coupled with good public relations.

Debrah’s current role at Gender Links as Marketing, Integrity and Compliance Manager involves development and championing policies within the organisation, Human Resources Management, Governance and Compliance, Business development and Corporate Fundraising. She has championed the development of several policies at Gender Links such as the Safeguarding of Vulnerable adults Policy, Risk Management policy, Code of Ethics and Integrity Policy, Anti-Bullying policy as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Debrah is responsible for re-inforcing these policies amongst staff and Board through conducting capacity building of these policies during strategic planning meetings that take place twice each year at Gender Links. As Brand Ambassador Debrah also endeavours to ensure that the integrity of the Organisation is protected by focusing on ensuring that any areas of reputational risk are well mitigated. She is strict with making sure that policies and procedures are complied with internally by all staff.

Debrah’s learning journey 2015/16