General Manager Sustainability Hub
Marketing, Integrity and Compliance Officer

Debrah Mukuku, a Zimbabwean who has worked in Zambia and is resident in South Africa, is the GL Sustainability hub manager. She has over 20 years of working experience, integrating marketing expertise, customer service, banking and finance as well as relationship management. Debrah career started in 2000 working for Barclays international as a Personal Banker and subsequently Relationship Manager for the Private Banking section.

She moved to Zambia where she furthered her customer relations skills with big hotels such a Cresta Hotel, hosting conferences and workshops, as well as managing hotel guests from many different countries. This experience helped her to grow in multi-cultural environments, dealing with diverse people from different walks of life. In 2013, Debrah joined Gender Links as GL Cottages and Conferencing Manager developing this into a thriving income generating unit for GL despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As the newly promoted manager of the Sustainability Hub, Debrah’s roles includes managing all the billing and accounts for the GL Services Units – GL Advisory Services; the GL Training Institute; GL Productions as well as GL Cottages and Conferencing. All proceeds are invested in the GL Future Fund, an endowment that helps to fund core costs and secure GL’s future.

Debrah has excellent communication, speaking, customer relations and writing skills. For example in September 2021, she took the lead role in the virtual coordination of the Young African Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge Awards on behalf of UN Women across South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. Her work also involves liaising with different Gender Links clients such as the EU, UN Agencies, Canadian High Commission and the French Embassy. She also serves as Company Secretary, Compliance and Integrity Officer for GL.

Debrah’s learning journey 2015/16