Mauritius Safe Haven Halfway Home Assistant

Marie-Anne Thomas worked in the Tourism Sector for 25 years as a guide and has acquired adaptability, communications skills, good work ethics.

Her previous experience as a tourist guide has helped her with the ease of welcoming new residents in the shelter and introducing them to the life of Safe Haven. Her experience in customer service is a strength for the smooth running of the shelter.

At her very early age, Marie-Anne volunteered with the local church and other private organisations in doing community work. Few years ago Marie-Anne had been through tough-times and came across Safe Haven which empowered her to be resilient.

Marie Anne was offered the opportunity to work for Safe Haven as Assistant in March 2021 and is committed to her work and shown empathy to residents.

Marie Anne’s main duties are the day-to-day running of Safe Haven: Preparing weekly menu and residents’ list of duties, keeping inventory track and ensuring the safety and security of residents.