Local Action for Gender Justice Namibia Facilitator

Fabian Sampaya has wide experience in working on Gender Bases Violence (GBV) awareness programmes including being a founder and Deputy Director of White Ribbon Campaign Namibia, an organization that works with men to end GBV against women and Children.

He worked as a Consultant of African Eagle Multi-Displinary Consultant, to conduct a study to assess the viability and feasibility of setting up a manufacturing plant for diapers and disposable nappies in Katima Mulilo. Fabian worked with WILDAF-Zimbabwe, to conduct country level situation analysis on the level of GBV in Namibia and facilitate two backstopping workshops in Katima Mulilo and Windhoek.

He is also the founder and Director of Caprivi Organization for Community Action and Development (COCAD). Established with the purpose of creating awareness on HIV, GBV, Malaria and bringing development in the region to address unemployment especially among the youth. He has worked with the Urban Trust of Namibia, to conduct business survey, facilitates LED workshops and community meetings in four suburbs of the town to formulate local economic strategy plan for Katima Mulilo town council. From 2013 he worked as a Consultant of Gender Links Namibia, to conduct a gender situation analysis and facilitate Centre of Excellence and entrepreneurship workshops in local councils in Namibia. Fabian is the Country Manager for Gender Links Namibia.

Learning Journey:

2020: I never gave up 

2020: Zimbabwe study visit