Governance Manager

Mariatu Fonnah is the Governance Manager at Gender Links, a Southern African Gender Justice and Equality based organisation. Mariatu works in promoting gender mainstreaming in Governance and Development. She has several years of experience in progressive project management, monitoring and evaluation, training and extensive research experience. Through research and practice, she has a comprehensive and deep understanding of gender issues and mainstreaming at local level, regionally and internationally. Advocacy campaigns and mainstreaming are pivotal in all work she has been part of in various community based, national and international organisations. As a trainer, she has designed and conducted training in rights-based gender equality, development and mainstreaming in promoting good governance. She has done research on the impact of domestic violence on women, and continually sought to promote a gendered approach to any form of development and socio-economic change work especially in southern Africa. Also she values rights-based development with a streamlined gendered approach and believes promoting and implementing governance principles comprehensively; can ensure results-based sustainable development at community, local government levels and beyond.

Mariatu’s learning journey 2015/16