M and E Associate

Monica is a psychologist, researcher, and monitoring and evaluation specialist with 16 years career experience working within the NGO sector where she has provided programmatic, M&E, research, reporting, systems design, and capacity building services. Monica makes use of new technologies to facilitate M&E data gathering and with a strong background in research, she is able to leverage M&E data for research purposes. She has experience in working with social justice, social protection, mental health and related issues. With her training and experience as a psychologist, she brings in-depth programmatic understanding to her work. Over the last few years, she has focused more on measuring the impact of psychosocial interventions, in contextually appropriate and useful ways. Her approach focuses on working closely with programmatic teams to achieve M&E and research goals. She also continues to publish journal articles in peer reviewed journals in collaboration with programme staff on the data collected. She is currently completing her PhD with the University of Pretoria’s Centre for the Study of Resilience focusing on the role of resilience on the mental health outcomes of adolescents from several African countries.