Botswana and SADC Office

In October 2008 Gender Links began the process of establishing a satellite office in Botswana which is now registered. This is a deliberate part of Gender Links’ growth strategy aimed at increasing the reach and visibility of GL’s work and partnerships, including supporting regional processes and grounding initiatives in countries that have potential to facilitate the acceleration of gender equality. The office is situated in the capital city, Gaborone at Plot 64516 Unit 203, Showground Close, Fairgrounds. There are two full time staff members, Gomolemo Rasesigo, Botswana Manager and Keletso Metsing, Finance and Admin Officer. The mandate of the office includes strengthening GL profile in Botswana, providing national programme support in the areas of Gender and Media, Governance, and Justice at a local level and the efficient implementation of planned activities. This is achieved through collaboration with various partners and stakeholders in Botswana.

Read more in the attached country report. click here for Botswana’s strategy concept paper

Manager Gomolemo Rasesigo
Finance and Admin Officer
Keletso Metsing
Phone 00 267 318 8250
Fax 00 267 318 8251
Physical address Botswana Office: Showground Close, Plot 64516, Unit 203, Fairgrounds Gaborone