Pride Mark advertisement over the top!

Pride Mark advertisement over the top!

Date: June 28, 2010
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Pride Mark Advertisement over the top!



Media Watch Organisation-GEMSA raised a complaint with Pride Mark over the advertising of sales in Mauritius. A model depicted in the advert “HOT HOT HOT SALES” from the 26th February to 14th March 2010 was barely dressed in a short skirt that she was unzipping and she has green fingernails.

The attention was brought to Pride Mark in condemning the use of women models as merchandise traps to get people to buy products of Pride Mark. The advertisement demeans women and there were a great number of responses to this advert as offensive by general citizens of Mauritius.

There was a general consensus among those who have seen this advertisement that such a provocative image was very offensive and harmful to the image of women at large. This conveys the impression that women are living in a society of ‘voyeurism’. GEMSA -MWO also informed that it was not gender sensitive to portray women and objectify them to promote products.

For more please read the letter of compliant to Pride Mark.

Download : Letter of Complaint to Pride Mark- Mauritius

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