Beautiful statement of a mother’s love

Beautiful statement of a mother’s love

Date: November 26, 2012
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A year after graduating from a secretarial school, Mary Edna Mphepo got employment at the University of Malawi. She saw her job at the university as an avenue to finally enroll for a degree at the same. However, she got pregnant and had to put her dream on hold until 20 years later when she returned to school after all her children had grown up.

I remember how, despite being tired from a hard day’s work as a secretary at the government printers, she would come home to make dinner and then make sure that all of us ate our vegetables! She would sit down with my brothers and I, help us write our homework and revise for class the next day.

She would then bake cakes for sale where my father worked and at my primary school, just so the family could have extra income. Before she went to bed each night, she cleaned the house and made sure we all had packed lunch. She never seemed to tire and yet at the time, we took all her efforts for-granted. Click here to read more


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