ETV: Cool Cats – 20/22/2018

Date: December 22, 2018
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Name of monitor: Your name Mpho Pitsi
Name of Television station: Channel where you are getting the scene E.Tv
Name of programme: Name of News programme Cool Cats
Date of broadcast:  22 December 2018
Time: Time of broadcast: 06h04 – 06h29
Mixed Mixed
Theme: Relationship between boys and girls
GBV focus explicit or implicit?  Implicit
Gem Classification: Gender Aware

Brief description of scene:
The Cool Cats went into an imaginary world where they were as small as ants. The scene includes Smarty Cat, Kitty Cat, Cat Nap and Wild Cat.

The broader context of this scene is that boys and girls can be afraid and shouldn’t feel shame for showing it. It is a stand-alone incident.

Why it has been given this GEM classification: I gave it this title because the boys and girls were not ashamed of showing us that they were afraid of being the size of an ant and of the creepy sounds they were hearing.

Title: The scene is introduced when Smarty cat began the episode reading facts about animals and wanting to meet an amazing animal. This reflects the essence of the storyline fairly. It is relevant to the storyline.

Focus: GBV is not the main focus of this scene.

People in the programming. Both girls and boys do speak in the scene, which creates a balances between both genders and having no one overpower or lead the conversation, it is very inclusive. There is a reasonable balance between the male and female characters, rational and opinions from both ends. Smarty cat is portrayed as an expert of animals amongst the group because she has been reading a book about them and delivers more context on the information which is presented. All characters are presented in a reliable way. Both male and female characters do not speak about GBV. Both genders explore similar experience, all of them were in an imaginary world and at the end of it experienced the same fears and concerns as one another.

Language: There are not identifiable patterns in reporting GBV in this scene. No overtly sexist language is used. The adjectives used are relevant and objective. There is not language used to convey the power relations between the male and female characters in this scene. The scene does not mention how girls and boys are affected by GBV differently

Visual:The girls and boys in the scene are portrayed well. The cat which stood out based on dress code is Smarty Cat, she is a female cat but her dress code appealed to more of gender non-conforming group, as the rest were dressed in a clear manner which expressed their gender quite stereotypically. The images and video footage on television illustrate the contents of the storyline fairly and does not convey stereotypes. The overall message of this scene is that it’s alright for boys to be just as scared as girls and not be ashamed to show it.

Angles and perspective: All four voices and viewpoints are present. Smarty Cat’s voice predominates as she is leading the narrative amongst the group. There is a reasonable balance of viewpoints heard in the scene. There are no missing voices in the scene. The scene takes a position that challenges stereotypes that boys don’t show fear. The scene prevails in challenging stereotypes and is gender aware.

Intersectionality: There are no patterns of oppression reinforced in this scene. The issues of intersectionality are addressed and understood.

Conclusion: This scene is gender aware as it doesn’t dictate how boys and girls should react to fear. All the characters show their emotions freely.



5 thoughts on “ETV: Cool Cats – 20/22/2018”

Hadiza says:

I love cool catz

Natasha Juliet says:

I love smart and catz very much they are so cute

Ninjitsos says:

I like how the catz learn stuff so quickly. I wish they were my teachers

Taytum says:

Hii cool cats I love watching you guys since I was 2

King Boitumelo says:

I once sent my little brother’s photo to Koolkats and might have changed the media company’s name to, ‘Edblo Media’. The name would be Anathi Makgala and I also lost my old phone, Sim card and access to the email.

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