SABC 3: Isidingo-The Need Ep 202 24/12/2018

Date: December 24, 2018
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Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi
Name of Television station: SABC 3
Name of programme: Isidingo –The Need
Date of broadcast: 24/12/2018
Genre: Drama Series
Episode: 202
Time: Time of broadcast: 19:00:19:30
GBV focus: N/A-Gender Equality
Gem Classification: Gender Aware
Theme: Gender Equality

I disagree with that this is gender blind. Isidingo is framing the idea of a man cooking as comical. Hendrik repeatedly returns to his wife for advice on what to do in the kitchen and she guides him. This clip doesn’t challenge gender stereotypes but reinforces them. The show is saying that it is comical for a man to cook and be in a traditionally feminine role. It is also showing that Hendrik’s wife is an expert when it comes to cooking as she guides him through the process.

In this scene Hendrik offered to prepare Christmas lunch for the family. Family members were shocked and did not really welcome the idea because they thought that as a man was not going to do a good job. To them cooking is not a male domain and he had no business performing traditionally feminine gender roles. Family members who were present where Wendy, Anja, Lalage, and Zandre. Hendrik asked Lalage his wife for guidance on how to cook well and make sure everything comes out perfect. Eventually, he did a wonderful job and all enjoyed the meal he had prepared.

Hendrik got this reaction from the family because women have always been involved with providing and cooking food making sure that the family is well fed. The reaction from his family, was expected as to comes as a cultural shock. The patriarchal society does not normally accept man to do household chores because those roles were traditionally done by women. The kitchen is regarded as a female domain and men do productive work than household chores.
This scene challenges common beliefs and assumptions. Hendrik in this scene is sidestepping preconceived notions and crossing over into roles that historically have been heavily occupied by the women. Domestic work like washing, sewing, child care and house making are what women are expect do. Men are expected to do professional work that bring financial rewards like driving, managing, leading and intellectually challenging work.
This clearly shows that assumptions are changing in and outside homes. Women are taking up professional work and are breadwinners in many homes. With more education and gender sensitisation, men like Hendrick are demonstrating that gender roles ascribed to women can also be done by men. With gender roles, being disregarded of late due to feminist organisations and women taking up the stance of having the ability to do as men. This scene clearly shows, how certain men are more accepting of these changes of gender roles or and benefits such a patriarchy is been shrugged off in this instance. He is a gender bender and shows that he has gender equality mentality. Traditionally the kitchen is normally regarded as a woman’s place. This scene defies norms, which adds to the conclusion of the storyline, as in the end Hendrik was able to cook a well prepared meal, with the assistance of his wife added to his betterment for educational purposes. Moral of the story, we can contribute to helping one another in our different expertise based on the traditional ways to a modernised way of doing it, we could live in a better gender non conforming place. The language used is gender sensitive and every family members are free to express themselves. Both men and women are decently dressed.

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the programme is gender blind

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