SABC 3: Advocate Shamila Batoli appointed as new NDPP head – 04/12/2018

Date: December 4, 2018
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Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi
Name of Television station: SABC 3
Name of programme: News @ 9
Date of broadcast: 04/12/2018
Genre: News
Time: Time of broadcast: 21:00:21:30
GBV focus: Implicit
Gem Classification: Gender Aware
Story number: 3
Theme: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

* I don’t think this case study should be included as it isn’t a media representation but a speech by a government official. It is good to note that it has been reported on, however it is difficult to determine how the SABC framed Advocate Batoli’s appointment as there is no commentary from the studio.

This is the appointment of Shamila Batoli as the new National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) by the President of South Africa, after recommendations of the constitution made. The president said that, “he is confident that advocate Batoli possesses all the attribute of a capable NDPP” Batholi was among five candidates recommended to the president to be considered for the position. The president said the newly appointed NDPP has extensive experience and has served as a senior legal advisor to the prosecutor of international Criminal court for ten years.

This story shows recognition of women in top leadership positions and the president entrusting women to do the job well. As he said, “Despite many challenges the NPA has faced in the past, we all know that there are women and men of great ability.” This statement challenges the belief that women are not capable to lead. It shows that anyone regardless of sex is capable to lead as long as they possesses the relevant skills and abilities.

Society has subtle or blatant stereotypes about men and women and their traits and skills, especially in the workplace. When it comes to leadership, male sex often symbolise a strong trusted leadership but the appointment of Batholi into such a high position defied all that. The other four shortlisted candidates were all males but she was the one who was appointed to take up the position. She was selected on merit without gender bias which is in line with gender equality as espoused in the Post 2015 SADC gender protocol.

This story which is a milestone in the women empowerment struggle. “It’s a historic moment for women recognition in pursuit of equally, justice and a fair society,” as Batholi said in her speech after the appointment. She is the first woman appointed to this position. Women are taking charge of changing society through taking leadership roles rather than shying away. Batholi is a real driver of change.

The headline used is relevant because it gives you the insight of what the story is all about. The story gathered a wide range of sources, both men and women from different political parties. They were interviewed to express how they felt about the appointment of Batholi? Most responded positively and were confident she would do an outstanding job. The language used is fair and visuals are all related to the story.

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Male Perspective:
“Arguably the best appointment President Ramaphosa has made thus far.i can’t thank enough those 200 cadres who betrayed NDZ camp and thus made Ramaphosa president indeed the end justifies the means!!!”

“These days everything is about race and gender …….. Woman vs man …. She was given a job due to her qualification and skills …… Not becouse she is a woman”

No Female Perspective 


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