Buhera Rural District Council COE

Date: October 17, 2016
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Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Manicaland
Baseline score 53
Post 2015 score (2016); (2020) 55-(Green); (54-Green)
Population 245,878
Number of women councillors 2
Number of men councillors 31
Joined the COE programme  2016
Anchored Hub and Spoke Programme (Year) Yes (2021)
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme No
Summit 2016; 2020

Buhera District is in Manicaland Province, in eastern Zimbabwe. It is about 170 kilometres, by road, southwest of Mutare, the provincial capital. The village serves as the administrative and commercial centre for the Sabi communal lands. The economy of Buhera District depends mainly on farming, the main crops being maize, millet (mhunga) nyimo (roundnuts) and nzungu (groundnuts). Cattle ranching is also widely practised, primarily on a subsistence scale. Due to the unpredictability of the rains in the area, irrigation is required for a successful harvest. The area is fertile with several irrigation schemes for the populace to supplement their meagre harvests. There is an airstrip, Buhera Airport.

Buhera RDC is a hub council in the hub and spoke programme for gender mainstreaming in local government. The council has embarked on climate action with a number of partners who work in that field.

Read the council’s 2016 summit case study here.

Read the local government SADC Protocol@Work summit report here.

 Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe
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