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Date: January 24, 2014
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Fact file
Country South Africa
Province/Region  Western Cape/Cape Agulhas
Baseline score  -2013  40
Latest score –
Population  33,038
Number of women councillors 28
Number of men councillors  35
Joined the COE programme  2010
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  Yes
Summit 2011, 2012 & 2013

Cape Agulhas Municipality is the southernmost local municipality in Africa. Its coastline is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans which meet at the most southern town in Africa, named L’Agulhas. The geographical area consists of approximately 2 411 km ². The Municipality falls within the municipal district of the Overberg. Cape Agulhas Local Municipality consists of five wards. A large percentage of the population falls within the economically active population (aged 15-65)

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 Empowering women, ending violence in South Africa
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Download : 17987_local_government__baseline_scorecard_cape_aghulas_municipality_nm23052013.pdf
Download : 17989_stage_1_reportback_from_management_meeting_cape_agulhas_municipality_nm20052013.pdf
Download : 17990_situational_analysis_report_cape_agulhas__municipality_nm_11062013.pdf

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