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Date: July 7, 2015
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Fact file
Country Namibia
Province/Region  Omaheke
Baseline score  – 2013  44
Latest score – 2015  50
Population  18000
Number of women councillors  4
Number of men councillors  3
Joined the COE programme  2010
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  No
Summit 2014

Gobabis is a city in eastern Namibia. It is the regional capital of the Omaheke Region. Gobabis is situated 200 km (120 mi) down the B6 motorway from Windhoek to Botwana. The town is 113 km (70 mi) from the Buitepos border post with Botswana, and serves as an important link to South Africa on the tarred Trans-Kalahari. Gobabis is in the heart of the cattle farming area. In fact Gobabis is so proud of its cattle farming that a statue of a large Brahman bull with the inscription “Cattle Country” greets visitors to the town.

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Empowering women, ending violence in Namibia
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