Goromonzi Rural District Council COE

Goromonzi Rural District Council COE

Date: January 27, 2015
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Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region  Mashonaland East
Baseline score  62
Post 2015 score (2016); (2018)  (56- Green); (52- Green); (65- Bronze)
Population  224,987
Number of women councillors 4
Number of men councillors  21
Joined the COE programme  2012
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  Yes
Summit 2016; 2018; 2020

Situated in Mashonaland East, Goromonzi RDC is regarded as one of the best Rural District Councils in the country.

In their first-ever participation at the SADC Protocol Summit in 2013, they managed to come out tops in the SADC region in the category of Sexual Health & Reproduction, thanks to their work on the provision of accessible clinics in their area. They have never looked back since then. The council has a Facebook page and a dedicated website. Goromonzi is part of the Sunrise campaign programme. 8 of the council’s entrepreneurs have participated in the Sunrise business revival programme. Goromonzi RDC was rated the most resourceful council at the 2020 SADCProtocol@Work Summit.

The council is a spoke council in the hub and spoke programme for gender mainstreaming, being mentored by Murehwa RDC.

Read the council’s 2016 case study here.

Read the council’s 2018 case study here.

Read the council’s business revival plan here.

Read the 2020 Summit report here.

Click here to see who is driving change in Goromonzi Rural District Council
 Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe

Click here to view the council’s report card

Download : Goromonzi RDC Buy-In Report
Download : Goromonzi RDC Gender Scorecard
Download : Goromonzi RDC Situational Analysis Report
Download : Goromonzi RDC Inception Workshop Report
Download : Goromonzi RDC Action Planning Report
Download : Goromonzi RDC Statement of Commitment

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