Harare City Council COE

Date: October 30, 2015
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Fact file
Country  Zimbabwe
Province/Region  Harare
Baseline score  67
Post 2015 score (2016); (2018); (2020)  (69- Bronze); (81-Gold); (77-Silver)
Population  1,598,830
Number of women councillors  8
Number of men councillors  38
Joined the COE programme  2010
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  No
Anchored Hub and Spoke Programme (Year)  Yes (2020;2021)
Summit  2016; 2018

Harare City Council Colours

The Harare City Council aims to provide and maintain softbound infrastructure and efficient services. The Harare City Council is dedicated to providing an enabling environment which offers first-class municipal services and goods to its stakeholders while creating investment opportunities, promoting smart partnerships in an endeavour to reduce poverty and develop the city. The council has a dedicated Facebook page and website. The council also has a twitter handle. The council is a hub council for Harare Metropolitan councils Chitungwiza Municipality; Epworth Local Board and Ruwa Town Council . Harare City council has developed a COVID19 awareness plan and is raising awareness of the virus.

Read the council’s 2016 case study here.

Read the council’s 2018 case study here.

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Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe
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Download : Harare City Council Action Plan
Download : Harare City Council Buy-In Report
Download : Harare City Council Situational Analysis
Download : Harare City Council Scorecard
Download : Harare Consolidation Report
Download : Harare Institutional Profile
Download : Harare City Council Statement of Commitment

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