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Date: January 27, 2015
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Fact file
Country  Zimbabwe
Province/Region  Mashonaland West
Baseline score  56
Post 2015 score (2016); (2020)  (69-Bronze); (63- Bronze)
Population  92,469
Number of women councillors  4
Number of men councillors  12
Joined the COE programme  2012
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  Yes
Anchored Hub and Spoke Programme (Year)  Yes (2020)
Summit  2016; 2018; 2020

Situated in a vibrant mining town. The council is synonymous for its Waste management programme.  Affectionately known as the ‘City of Gold’, Kadoma City  Council has been at the fore of numerous campaign activities on the 50/50 as well as responding to Gender-Based Violence in the community. Visit the council website for more. Kadoma City Council is one of the 18 hub councils in Zimbabwe and has shown great strides in mainstreaming gender in council. The council has gone through its verification exercise. Kadoma is also part of the Sunrise Campaign programme. In June 2020, the council trained 33 female entrepreneurs in hand sanitizer production. The council has developed a COVID19 awareness plan and is raising awareness on COVID19 to community members including the hearing impaired. Kadoma City Council has handed over the hub function to Chinhoyi Municipality.

Read the council 2019 verification report here.

Read the council 2020 entrepreneurship business revival report here.

Read the Mashonaland West hub and Spoke launch report here.

Read the 2020 SADC Protocol@Work Summit report here.


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Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe
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Download : Kadoma Institutional Profile
Download : Kadoma City Council Gender Scorecard
Download : Kadoma Buy In Report
Download : Kadoma Situational Analysis Report
Download : Kadoma City Council Inception Workshop Report
Download : Kadoma City Council Communications Strategy Report
Download : Kadoma City Council Campaign Planning Report
Download : Kadoma City Council Statement of Commitment

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