Karibib COE

Date: September 10, 2015
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Fact file
Country Namibia
Province/Region  Erongo
Baseline score  – 2013  41
Latest score – 2015 56.60
Population 13300
Number of women councillors  3
Number of men councillors  4
Joined the COE programme  2011
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  No
Summit 2015

Karibib is a mining town. The Town Council has form partnership the Mining Consortium, Nawaxab mine. The Council is home to stage 1-7 and has also embraced the New Modules . The Council also participated at the recent Nation agenda Justice and local Government Summit in country. In its Strategic Work plan gender is prioritized but not budgeted for except from the general overall budget allocations.

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Empowering women, ending violence in Namibia

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