Mozambique Elections- 2019

Date: October 22, 2019
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Mozambique held the 6th General and legislative elections. For the first time held the provincial governors elections. Gender Links Mozambique joined the Observatory Group who were monitoring the elections at the Peace Room. This monitoring was made trough different focal points located on different voting assemblies.

See below some of the work that was done by these group.

See below the following captioning of the photos above.

  • People in voting line- Mozambique Elections
  • Woman in table voting- Mozambique Elections
  • Gender Links Mozambique working at Peace Room
  • Txeka Group Work- Peace Room- Mozambique Election
  • Civil Society Representatives- Peace Room- Mozambique Elections
  • Peace Room Participants- Mozambique Eections
  • Election Monitoring- Peace Room- Mozambique Elections



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