Ruwa Town Council Report Card

Date: July 28, 2016
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COE Report card
Stage Description Date Outputs
I Meetings and adoption of COE concept 10 June 2010 Buy-In Report

II Situation analysis 10 June 2010 Situational Analysis
III SADC Protocol on gender and development 3 March 2011 Village Workshop
IV Inception workshop 2 August 2010 Inception workshop
V Action planning workshop 4 August 2010 Action Plan
VI Adoption of action plan and signing of statement of commitment Statement of Commitment/MOU
VII Media skills À“ campaigns planning skills (reinforce skills through campaigns) 8 March 2011 Strategic Communications Report
VIII IT for advocacy (including use of cell phones)


Monitoring and evaluation

8 March 2011 Monitoring & Evaluation Report
13 February 2013 Monitoring & Evaluation
X Summit 2011-2015; 2018; 2020 Best Practice GJLG Summit 2012

Winner Climate Change & SD 2013

Summit 2018

Summit 2020

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