Zvimba Rural District Council COE

Date: October 29, 2015
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Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Mashonaland West
Baseline score 64
Post 2015 score (2016); (2018); (2020) (77-Silver); (80-Gold); (64-Bronze)
Population 263,020
Number of women councillors 7
Number of men councillors 28
Joined the COE programme 2011
Anchored Hub and Spoke Programme (Year) Yes (2020; 2021)
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme Yes
Summit 2016;2018; 2020



Located in Mashonaland West Province, with a population of 263,020 Zvimba RDC covers an area of 6 275 square kilometres. Zvimba is known for its Agriculture activity. Zvimba RDC is one of the few local authorities in Zimbabwe which boasts of a stand-alone gender committee. Zvimba RDC is a model local authority in gender mainstreaming issues. The council is a hub council for Mashonaland West rural councils in the Hub and spoke programme for gender mainstreaming.

Read the council’s 2016 summit case study here

Read the council’s 2018 summit case study here.

Read the council’s 2019 verification report here.
Read the 2020 local government SADC Protocol@Work summit report here.


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Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe
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Download : Zvimba Rural District Council Action Plan
Download : Zvimba Rural District Council Buy-In Report
Download : Zvimba Rural District Council Situational Analysis
Download : Zvimba Institutional Profile
Download : Zvimba Inception workshop Report
Download : Zvimba RDC Statement of Commitment

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