Madagascar: Women claim a stake in peace and security matters

Madagascar: Women claim a stake in peace and security matters

Date: November 22, 2011
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The Malagasy women came together to dialogue on engagement in peace and security processes and mechanisms in the country at a workshop convened by the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance cluster led by the Institute of Security Studies and national focal point Federation Pour La Promotion Feminine et Enfantine.

The workshop objectives included tosensitise women on a gendered approach to peace and security;build the capacity of Malagasy women so that they may contribute effectively to peacemaking and peacebuilding in the country; share experiences, good practices and lessons learnt and to advocate for women’s participation in peace and security structures and processes and to form a national working group on gender, peace and security aligned to the SADC Gender Alliance.

50 women and men from the 22 regions of the country attended the workshop. After extensive deliberations on these issues the women of Madagascar recommended the following:

1. Include women from the women’s movement in the monitoring committee for the implementation of the SADC Roadmap for ending the crisis in Madagascar.
2. Ensure that gender representation, as stipulated in the Roadmap and in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, is adhered to in the appointment of members of government, Higher Transitional Council (CST), Transitional Congress (CT) , National Independent Electoral Council (CENI), Regional Electoral Committees and the National Reconciliation Committee (CNR). Do not accept any list that does not meet gender representation requirements as stipulated in the Roadmap.
3. Strongly recommend to each “mouvance” that their delegation consist of at least 30%, and work towards 50%, representation in any conflict resolution/negotiation meeting.

To government:
4. Ensure gender parity in all institutions, especially in the National Independent Electoral Council (CENI), Transitional Congress (CT), Higher Transitional Council (CST) and National Reconciliation Committee (CNR) in order to create a gender representative, gender sensitive and gender responsive new government.
5. Establish Gender Focal Points within each Ministry.
6. Increase women’s quota in the security sector (police, gendarmerie, army and corrections) to 30%. Review the recruitment and retention policies in the security sector so that they are gender sensitive.
7. Women should be promoted to command and decision-making positions within the security sector.
8. Ensure gender parity in the deployment of peacekeepers.

To international community:
9. UN Women should take the leadership for supporting governments and their respective civil societies for the development and implementation of National Action Plans on Resolution 1325. Support this process in Madagascar.
10. Provide financial and technical support for programs on Gender Based Violence.
11. Provide the necessary support for the peace-building processes in Madagascar.

To political parties:
12.Promote a culture of gender, peace and security in order to stop political violence.
13. Include gender parity in all party manifestos.
14. Build the capacity of women candidates within political parties to stand for elections.

To civil society:
15. Organise a national dialogue for Malagasy women in order to bridge political divides and develop a common purpose and vision for women.
16. Conduct peace education amongst the communities.
17. Advocate for a culture of independence in the media.
18. Ensure the widespread distribution of these recommendations to both officials and the public in all the regions. Ensure the continuous advocacy and monitoring for the implementation of these recommendations. Integrate these recommendations in your day to day work.
19. Ensure gender parity in the decision-making structures of civil society organisations


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