Mauritius: More men participate in the French  16 Days cyber dialogues

Mauritius: More men participate in the French 16 Days cyber dialogues

Date: December 15, 2011
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It is amazing that there has been an increase in the number of men participating in the 2011 French cyber dialogues. Nearly ten men participated in the cyber dialogue on gender and Information Technology (IT) in the French chat room. This is a positive development considering that there is an emphasis on the importance of bringing in more men as partners to fight against violence.

The cyber dialogue discussions held daily provided significant insight on different thematic issues. For example, francophone participants around the region have had the opportunity to discuss the importance of writing ‘I’ Stories – first-hand accounts of women who have experienced or been affected by gender based violence or men who have perpetrated violence.

All participants agreed on the twofold importance of writing ‘I’ Stories.Not only do such stories contribute to the healing process of the individual, but they also assist the latter in transforming from being a victim to being a survivor. Survivors of gender violence who speak out usually become role models and give courage to those suffering in silence to speak out.

The discussants also recognised that it is of utmost importance to support women who stand up for human rights. At the end a number of recommended initiatives that can be undertaken to assist those who speak out.

The last dialogue that the Francophone participants took part in focused on Gender and IT and participants got the opportunity to express their deep concerns regarding the status of women on this matter. Many of the women and men shared their country experiences on women’s access of ICTs how IT if abused exacerbates gender violence.

According to one participant, “Only 12% of Malagasy women are IT Literate. The situation in DRC is even more alarming with a percentage of only 5% women who know how to use ICTs particularly computers. They also paid attention to the gender and climate change part of the cyber dialogue. Participants showed a genuine commitment in going green as they expressed their conviction that this change must begin with them first.


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