Regional: Re-launching the 50/50 campaign

Regional: Re-launching the 50/50 campaign

Date: July 18, 2011
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The Women in Politics Support Unit (WiPSU), working with Gender Links in its capacity as Alliance Secretariat, will hold a governance cluster meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe on 4 August 2011. WiPSU is the regional Governance theme cluster leader of the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance. This meeting will culminate in a high profile re-launch of the 50/50 women in decision making campaign on 5 August.

The re-launch of the 50/50 campaign comes as a backwards slide for women politicians in recent SADC elections, both at national and local government levels. Results of elections held in South Africa in May 2011 show that representation of women in local government is down to 38% from 40% in 2006. National elections in Botswana and Namibia in 2009 displayed the same downward trend. Women’s representation in Botswana declined from 11.1% to 7.9% while Namibia fell from 30.8% to 24.4%. Click here to read more

The prognosis is not good for other upcoming SADC elections before the 2015 SADC Protocol targets of parity at decision-making levels. Many countries have already missed the mark. This calls for a reintroduction of the 50/50 campaign to draw attention to women’s representation ahead of the SADC Protocol 2015 deadline.

The regional governance cluster meeting will bring together national governance cluster focal points of the Alliance. The cluster will use the opportunity to review the action plan and introduce a robust 50/50 campaign as one of the priority areas.


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