Solidarity statement for the people of North Africa

Solidarity statement for the people of North Africa

Date: March 1, 2011
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Thursday, 24 February, 2011

The Southern Africa Development Community Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (SADC-CNGO) notes with deep concern the manner in which the Libyan government is responding to the people’s exercise of constitutional rights in pursuit of democratic governance.

People of North Africa, especially from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and Libya are tired of oppressive, dictatorship and undemocratic regimes in their respective countries. They want change at all costs to fulfill their freedom and dignified lives. They have taken to the streets to demand and force their governments for drastic reform of the political regime, to speed up service delivery, more job opportunities and to guarantee freedom and fundamental rights to all citizens.

The violent intimidation by state forces, especially in Libya, resulting in the death, injury, and detention of protesters is unacceptable. In addition to this, the systemic targeting of journalists and cutting off communication from the rest of the world is totally unjustified. We call on all the peoples of the African Continent and the world powers to condemn the acts of tyranny and resistance shown by heads of state of the affected countries. As SADC-CNGO, we demand that:

  • The Libyan government must refrain from the use of force, resulting in the death of countless citizens;
  • Call upon the continent and international community to act before peaceful protesters are wiped out by tyranic states;
  • Establish the necessary conditions which will oblige governments to refrain from oppressive and undemocratic tendencies towards popular participation and good governance;
  • African States must sign, ratify and implement the AU Charter on Democracy;
  • Heads of State must accelerate the social, economic and political changes with regard to the needs and will of their citizens;
  • We demand the all UN Member States, including Libya, must adhere to the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the 2002 World Summit on Human Rights commitment by the international community to “prevent genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity through the doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect” which demands that states have the primary responsibility to prevent crimes against humanity and in the event of failure to do so, the international community must step in and use collective force to protect citizens.

SADC CNGO stands in solidarity with the people of North Africa and our colleagues in the SADC region fighting similar battles such as Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Tyrant leaders like Gadaffi must go!

This wind of a new era of democracy for Africa must sound a warning to all illegitimate regimes, including in Southern Africa, that suppression and dictatorial tendencies will no longer be condoned by citizens. The time for change is now!



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