South Africa cabinet reshuffle – How did women fare?

South Africa cabinet reshuffle – How did women fare?

Date: November 8, 2010
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Following a cabinet reshuffle by President Jacob Zuma, Gender Links noted the percentages of women as Minister and Deputy Minister, ahead the SADC Gender Protocol target of 50% parity in all areas of government and governance. A total of 34 ministers; and 32 deputy ministers were appointed.

Outcome of the analysis:

Overall Cabinet

Gender Numbers Percentage
Female 26 39%
Male 40 61%


Gender Numbers Percentage
Female 14 41%
Male 20 59%

Deputy Ministers

Gender Numbers Percentage
Female 13 41%
Male 19 59%


President Zuma’s new Cabinet
South African President Jacob Zuma has announced a major Cabinet reshuffle, appointing a host of new ministers and deputy ministers as part of a concerted effort to improve and accelerate service delivery in the country.

Announcing the changes in Pretoria, Zuma said that 17 months since his inauguration as President, the process of reconfiguring government and putting systems in place to change the way the country’s administration works had been completed.

During this time, he said, the government had studied the functioning of the current administration in order to ascertain what worked and what needed to be changed or strengthened.

“We have taken a long and hard look at some of the departments with a view to strengthening some ministries,” Zuma said. “We have noted that a few of them require the addition of deputy ministries to assist ministers in carrying out their responsibilities.” (Read full article )

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