Upcoming elections 2010-2011

Date: November 9, 2010
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There are several elections happening during the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 within the SADC region. These include Local Government elections in Madagascar, Mauritius and Namibia between November and December 2010. Lesotho and Malawi will be having Local Government elections in April 2011; while South Africa will be holding theirs in May 2011. Zambia and Zimbabwe have National and General elections respectively around May 2011. Madagascar and Zimbabwe are currently undergoing Constitutional referendums.

26 – 27 Nov 2010: Namibia –   Local government and regional elections

17 Nov 2010:   Madagascar – Constitutional referendum
20 Dec 2010:   Madagascar- Local government elections

Postponed to Dec: Mauritius –   Local government elections

Apr 2011:   Lesotho – Local government elections
Malawi –   Local government elections

May 2011:   South Africa – Local government elections

May 2011:   Zimbabwe – General elections

2011:   Zambia – National elections

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