Zambia: Women’s movement gears up for new constitution

Zambia: Women’s movement gears up for new constitution

Date: March 9, 2012
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The Alliance Constitutional and Legal rights cluster leader, Matrine Bbuku Chuulu sits on the newly appointed national constitutional drafting committee representing the women’s movement. Zambian President, Michael Sata has set up the national constitutional drafting committee comprising of NGOs, faith based organisations and lawyers. Also sitting in the drafting team is gender champion and coordinator of Women in Law Development Africa (WiLDAF) Gladys Mutukwa.

The Committee is currently drafting the constitution and by the end of March, the draft will be ready for public scrutiny. This follows a stale mate in 2011 when the public rejected the constitution arguing that it did not address all the issues of concern. The women of Zambia carried out a green T-shirt campaign calling on the constitution to be more gender aware.

The committee is not receiving any new information but using the information from the Mungomba, Mwanakatwe and Mvunga commissions. After Drafting, there will be constituent assemblies to discuss contents of the draft.

The Alliance is making efforts to ensure that key provisions of the SADC Gender Protocol are included as a reference point to ensure that the constitution is gender aware.

On February 17 United Nations Development Programme andthe Gender in Development Division formed aspecial group comprising key women who will be running ahead of the national committee and will be responsible for taking the draft to the provinces and districts.

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