Zimbabwe: WIPSUCCF programme benefitting women in Chimanimani West

Zimbabwe: WIPSUCCF programme benefitting women in Chimanimani West

Date: April 10, 2012
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“The Constituency consultative forum programme (CCF) instilled in us a sense of courage and determination. Before we got involved with the programme we were downtrodden and our low self-esteem showed even in the way we dressed” said Mrs Netsai Sinaravo Mutendadzamera speaking at the International Women’s Day commemorations held at Gudyanga primary school.

Mutendadzamera who assumed the position in July 2011, went on to say that through the CCF, a lot of women in the Chimanimani west constituency are now embracing leadership roles and partaking in income generating projects that were previously thought to be the domain of men for example, cotton farming.

“I really thank God for this programme by the Women in Politics Support Unit. Before I got involved in the programme, I would never have dreamt of assuming leadership in anything and I had no confidence in myself. Working with this programme changed the way I look at the world.

“I am no longer afraid to grab the bull by the horns and work for the betterment of my family and community. We were taught to handle different situations be it at the workplace or home. The CCF programmes is holistic as we are not only taught to be better leaders but also better wives who love and respect their husbands and work hard for the family.

“Through the programme and our member of parliament, we are also benefitting financially as we received sewing machines and material and in the case of our ward 20, we were also given an engine to facilitate irrigation. We now sell the clothes we sell and the produce from our land and overally, our life has improved a great deal,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by newly appointed village head (sabhuku), Sarah Chizemo of Ward 6 who said the programme gave her the courage to take up the leadership position in her village.

“After we had been trained we went into the community and talked to people about the CCF. We were also encouraged to go for available posts that were usually thought to be only for men.

“Encouraged by the CCF, I gathered the courage required to make myself a better person and suitable leader and today I am proudly a village head” she said.

The CCF is a programme initiated by the Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU) with the aim of empowering women and encouraging them to take up positions of leadership in various spheres of their lives.

The programme identifies five women in each ward and trains them. These members of the CCF then go around and educate members of their community on the importance and benefit of women also taking part in leadership and community building.

WIPSU Director, Mrs Fanny Chirisa took the occasion to educate those present on the importance of fighting for and respecting the rights of women.

“The International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March each year and during this time, women’s excellence, the challenges they face and their wishes are explored. Zimbabwe is a member of SADC, the UN and AU and when the country’s leaders are signing conventions that have to do with the plight of women; we take this as an acceptance by the whole country. This is our base from which we find the strength to champion women’s rights especially in leadership.

As an organisation, WIPSU looks at all sectors, public, private and political and we are currently running a 5050 Vote for a woman campaign to call for equal representation of women in decision making. As it stands, we only have one election left before the 2015 deadline (according to the SADC Gender Protocol) expires.

In that same vein I would like to encourage young women to venture into politics. Political parties should give females, especially young females, a chance to contest instead of just exploiting them. The community should also put in place programmes that counsel and guide young girls. Gone are the days when the task would be left to the tetes and mbuyas.

Today’s mum is also the tete and the mbuya,” she said before reminding women that the programme should never be used as a platform to disrespect their husbands and family.

“The 50/50 campaign does not mean you should disrespect your husband and want to also be the head of the house. The Bible clearly states that the husband is the head of the house and that should be respected, it is with reference to the workplace, community and other platforms of leadership and empowerment that we are saying women should strive for equal opportunity and representation,” she added.

The event was also graced by several traditional leaders who included village heads Gudyanga, Chisikaurayi, Mandiambira, Masasi, Magadzira, Mumera as well as the local councillor, Zakeo Nhachi


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Dr. Eng. Munacho Mutezo says:

May you contact me on my email address as you know I am no longer Zanu PF member and I would like to work with you for the good of the women in Chimanimani . My mobile no 0784995608
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