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Veronique Celestin: From pickles selling to owning a snack

I had started working as a gardener and my boss was keeping unused small glass jars outside on his terrace and asked me if I could give it to someone. […]

Swaziland-Pigg’s Peak Town Council

Pigg’s Peak is a developing town, located in the north West of Swaziland, approximately 70 kilometers north-east of the capital city of Mbabane. The town is also located 40km from […]

September 6, 2018 Themes: Governance | Mining Programs: Gender and governance | Protocol @ work

Swaziland: Green Shield

Lloyd Masiya-Emerging entrepreneur Green Shield is a business that has invented a new range of skin care petroleum jelly by making it using organic perfumes to make mosquito repellent and […]

Swaziland: Pearl’s Boutique

Pearl’s Boutique owner-Pearl Mabaso. Pearl Mabaso is the owner of Pearl’s Boutique based in Mbabane Market opposite the Municipality Council of Mbabane specializes in sewing church gowns for the two […]

August 21, 2018 Themes: SADC Protocol on Gender and Development Programs: Entrepreneurship

Zimbabwe: Chiota Community economically empowered to take charge of their own development

Chiota Greenfield partnered with private companies such as Zimbabwe’s giant day old chicks supplier, Irvines, to support women in implementation of commercial broiler production namely Materera Chicken project which comprised […]

Zimbabwe:Women in Kadoma City partnering with Nyaradzo for Skills Development

The City of Kadoma partnered with Nyaradzo Funeral Services in the empowerment of women through a skills training programme targeting women of various backgrounds in the City. The programme involved […]

July 19, 2018 Themes: Business | Business Unusual | Economics | Education Programs: Protocol @ work

Swaziland: Swazi government promotes self-reliance for women and youth

The Swazi Government Micro Projects Department spearheads a project to improve the quality of life of people at local level (in rural and peri-urban areas of Swaziland). More specifically, its […]

June 14, 2018 Themes: Economics | Entrepreneurship Programs: Economic Justice | Protocol @ work

Zimbabwe: Punished for refusing to leave my matrimonial home

Zimbabwe: Punished for refusing to leave my matrimonial home

Zvimba, Zimbabwe, 11 March, 2015: My name is Rosemary Muza, I am a 53 year old woman who is a victim of physical and emotional abuse. Since 1961 the year I was born, I never faced any challenges as I grew up under the care and guardianship of loving parents.

Botswana: “Yes we can…let us stop abuse”

Botswana: “Yes we can…let us stop abuse”

Chobe, Botswana, 8 March, 2016: I am aged 54 years and stay in Chobe. Ever since training with Gender Links, my life has reached the highest limits. Firstly I won the 1st price for existing businesses during the SADC protocol national summit in 2015 and I went on to win 1st price at the regional summit in the same year were I was competing with women from 9 other countries. I am a landscaper by profession and I am also a florist.

March 18, 2016 Themes: Gender based violence | Gender equality Programs: Entrepreneurship

Namibia: Natalia Nangobe

Namibia: Natalia Nangobe

Ogwediva, Namibia, 8 March 2016: My name is Nakandjemo* I come from Ombila village in Oshana region and have five children. If you give more women business skills, then poverty will reduce in Namibia. I am no longer abused by my husband we made peace. This happened because now I am making money and can buy food for the house and contribute to our children wherever I can.

Madagascar: my life has completely changed and has been progressing well

Madagascar: my life has completely changed and has been progressing well

Cut, Madagascar, 15 March 2016: My name is Marie Jeannette and I live in the town of Toamasina. I married a man who was chosen by my mother even though, at that time, I loved someone else. Everything went well in the household until I gave birth to our first child. Then, my husband started to threaten me and didn’t give me money. This situation became even worse later because it ended up with physical abuse.