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Name of good practice (e.g. Women in Curepipe, Mauritius, roll back climate change) VOHOKA ALOHA LOATRA Country Madagascar Category Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights – including Gender Based Violence, […]

May 28, 2019 Themes: Agriculture Programs: Gender & Governance

Swaziland- Lavumisa Town Board

Swaziland- Lavumisa Town Board  Thobile Jele-gender Focal Person  Enock Ndlangamandla-Gender Champion  On the southeast edge of the Kingdom of eSwatini on the border with KwaZulu Natal lies the town of […]

Malesoli Lesoli – Kanana Council COE

Malesoli Lesoli – Kanana Council COE

The most memorable experience that Malesoli had with Gender Links (GL) was the first summit that was held in Lesotho in 2013. Her council was invited to go and just have a look at what the summit was all about. She mentioned that she had no clue about what was going on, but she said she was excited to be part of such an amazing event, however, she kept asking herself if it was true that she was not supposed to present like other councils.

September 14, 2015 Themes: Local Government Programs: Gender & Governance

Summit 2015:GHANZI District Council

Poverty Eradication committee comprised of representatives from Ghanzi catchment area, the committee helps the organization in preparation of national events specifically Pitso ’s. In 2014, the coalition staged a successful Pitso at Qabo It also helps in disseminating the information to their respective communities so as to ensure the communities utilize Government initiatives. So far some settlements are doing very well in terms of poverty eradication uptake citing Qabo as one of the best settlements with a lot of sustainable projects, it so because of the leader ’s involvement, commitment and understanding of concepts involved in the projects. Projects implemented are bakeries which the council has waived to supply local schools with bread of which the surplus is sold within the community. These bakeries are successfully run by women

Another successful initiative is the carpentry project which supplies the whole district with coffins and once more it has been wavered by the COE to supply for destitute beneficiaries burials.

Sewing Groups have also been awarded tenders to supply local groups with school uniforms within their respective localities.

One Welding group was engaged by Gender Affairs to construct kiosks for their beneficiaries and they were engaged by COE to install burglar doors in schools and at the bakery in Grootlagte.

The coalition has been active because the organization works closely with members and provides support in terms of transport and workshops.

May 11, 2015 Themes: Governance Programs: Gender & Governance

Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) for 50-50 gender equality in the media practice

Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) for 50-50 gender equality in the media practice

The Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) was established in 1995 and was set to improve the quality of journalism in Malawi, by promoting media independence and professionalism. MIJ as a media training institution has a radio station to offer hands on experience to the students.
MIJ offers Certificate and Diploma courses in Journalism. The curriculum encompasses 14 modules at Certificate and 12 at Diploma. The courses have been designed to deal with emerging social and economic issues in which gender is inclusive. Examples of the modules which are offered are Human Rights, HIV and AIDS and Public Health Reporting, Literature, Photojournalism, Environmental reporting, News Writing and reporting that have topics that specifically tackle gender.
The other subjects like radio production, television production, desktop and publishing are skills oriented and not really gender friendly. In these subjects, at the institution we have made gender a very important element in the subjects. When the tutors teach these subjects, they usually encourage female students to participate more in the classroom activities and not leave male students to take over most of the responsibilities.
As a tutor, together with my colleagues we have attended a number of gender workshops. The knowledge gained from these workshops has helped us a lot by enabling us to feature gender in the classroom work, extracurricular activities done in clubs and societies. Importantly, we make certain that there is equal participation of the students in workshops and trainings by selecting equal numbers of boys and girls to attend. Also students are encouraged to engage themselves in various school activities done outside the college campus e.g. awareness campaigns conducted by clubs and societies. For instance there is Debate Club, Drama club and MIJ for Cancer club. MIJ for Cancer is a club that was established to help people in the country with information and issues surrounding Cancer. The club works in conjunction with Cancer Association of Malawi. These groups had on their own been able to organize and conduct awareness campaigns in a number of communities in the country addressing issues like Gender, HIV and AIDS, Health, Education, Climate change and Human rights.

May 23, 2014

Lâ € ™IFASIC fait du Genre une question spÁƒ ©cifique

Lâ € ™IFASIC fait du Genre une question spÁƒ ©cifique

Notre bonne pratique consiste Áƒ   initier les Áƒ ©tudiants Áƒ   des problÁƒ ©matiques spÁƒ ©cifiques qui touchent Áƒ   la vie en sociÁƒ ©tÁƒ ©. En attendant que les programmes scolaires nâ € ™intÁƒ ¨grent le Genre, nous avons commencÁƒ © Áƒ   utiliser les cours de sÁƒ ©minaire dâ € ™actualitÁƒ © comme espace pour parler de toutes les questions sensibles au Genre.

May 22, 2014