Sexual, Reproductive and Health Rights

Matzikama Municipality: Sexual and Reproductive Health-HIV/AIDS

Matzikama Municipality (Gender Office) with GCIS, Depth. Health (Ambulance Service) SAPS, and the local Councillors we have a successfully campaign last year. We have a motorcade from the Sport grounds […]

HIV and Care Work-Kwakwati community home based care

A man called Mr. Koto at Amber gate village was having TB. – He took medication properly under our supervision/monitoring and after six months he was cured – He also […]

South Africa: Pro Master

We Pro-master channel group we just visited different school and dramatizing about HIV and Aids to reduce stigma and to educate the children on abstinence and protection. we get the […]

Midvaal Municipality:Reproductive Health- Youth

The project started as a programme that will be focusing on key population that is young people attending school in semi-rural communities within the Midvaal Municipality. Focus is on reproductive […]

South Africa:Women Empowerment against GBV And HIV/AIDS

Bulamahlo Home Based Care organisation based at Mentz, Badimong village next to the University of Limpopo. Established in November 2003, Registered on 28 July 2005, Registration no: 041-399-NPO, with an […]

South Africa: Girl Child in School

An awareness programme were held to commemorate Child Protection Week: 27-31 May 2019. The Mossel Bay Municipality in collaboration with the following stakeholders visited the following schools as identified at […]

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Children are not always willing to attend medical assistance at the health facilities, due to discrimination and stigmatization. This result in teenagers being sexual active without the necessary treatment, and […]

South Africa:Releleng Drop In Centre for HIV and AIDS

Releleng Drop in Centre is community based, non-profit organisation (NPO) Ref: 058-881 started on 15 September 2006 in Limpopo Province western site of Polokwane in rural area Tibane village, next […]

South Africa:Project Manager-Home-based Care

“Handling the community with care” is a quotable quote that stipulates what the intention of the project was from its establishment when Mrs Anikie Makaleng the founder and the project […]

South Africa: Health Championing

The young woman in the province was able to benefit from this program as we were able to help 50 matriculates to enrol at universities and TVET colleges through funding […]

South Africa:Female Victim Support Centre

Victim Empowerment practitioners assist the clients who enter our offices; we first welcome the client in our offices, explain their rights and explain our services holistically. The services are done […]

South Africa: Byldrift community home based care

Byldrift community home based care started in 2007, we were only three when we started the organization, and we are now 28 in number. Ten volunteers, all women and seven […]