A society with equal opportunities for men and women

Date: January 28, 2020
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I am Maria Helena José Correia Langa, currently Mayor of Mandlakazi, I as President and Leader promote participatory governance involving children, young, girls, boys, women and men also get involved all social strata and based governance in most of the will I am a leader who actively work for education of girls and combating domestic violence and early marriages.

My goal as lead is focused in a society where women and men have equal opportunities and committed to gender equality, promoting the 50/50 all levels performance of their activities.

The Community is my concern as President of this Municipality instill the ability to know how to be and be in accordance with the local situation, the permanent interaction with the community in its different extracts, participating in open and jointly in the planning and in the search for solutions local problems and supporting disadvantaged communities to find solutions for self-sustenance. While the political level has the highest Insertion, resolution capability of the daily challenges and promote greater participation and inclusion of women in decision-making positions

Under the leadership pattern quality about more women to decision-making positions and promoting solidarity among them more activities, and through these quality leaderships could ascend to the third term as Mayor something difficult being mostly woman.

One of the challenges in the Municipality where I inserted is primarily contribute to gender equality which realize awareness campaigns on gender equality and promote women’s rights, inclusion in programs and municipal policy rules that require respect gender issues and compliance with the 50/50 rule in formation the Municipal government as well as in the various municipal constitution forums.

And to follow up on these aspects that have been mentioned will be necessary to improve the provision of services to the community, promoting inclusive participation of all citizens.

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