Auleria Gabriel

Date: May 11, 2015
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In Tanzania girls have been experiencing the problem of not continuing with their secondary studies after being succeeded instead they are hidden at their homes and do other home businesses even others are forced to get married.

These problems have caused girls to meander in streets while boys are continuing with studies and according to SADC protocol, until 2015 there should be equal access and retention in primary, secondary, tertiary and non-formal education to all girls and boys.
Some of the private organizations in Tanzania including Tanzania Home Economic Association (TAHEA) centered in Mwanza region have tried to corporate the government in assisting the children to attain education especially to girls because they are the main victims of the situation.

This documentary is useful to the media because, the media are the one who can discover different problems that happen in the society and educate people how to solve them.

Moreover media is the tool to give way forward on how gender should be balanced in all aspects of life.

Again this is a good example because education is the only key to success of any individual in the society and if girls will not be able to get education where and how can they live in the society?

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