Botswana: Botswana Guardian-Boitshepo Balozwi

Date: July 6, 2019
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The article “The people versus the LGBTQI+ what comes first the law or the people’s attitude.” highlights the various perspectives and research on why LGBTQ+ persons should be free to engage in sexual practices, that are also practiced by heterosexual couples. It also highlights that being Gay in Botswana is not a crime.

The objective of the article is to raise the moral question of whether Batswana are ready for the decriminalization of consensual same sex acts.

The article was intended for Botswana Guardian newspaper readers and policy makers.

The journalist used data presented at the Gender Links workshop on the Decriminalization of Same Sex Relations in the SADC Region. I also used data from a booklet titled “The law needs to change, we want to be free” that was co-produced by LEGABIBO, UNDP, Southern African Litigation Centre and the Open Society Institute for Southern Africa.

The journalist also interviewed two transgender individuals from Namibia and Zambia ,3 gender activists from Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa and a female journalist from Malawi, whom all provided personal and official data on the matter.

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