Summit 2019: Mabutsane Knowledgeable road to sustainable projects

Date: May 30, 2019
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Mabutsane Sub District facilitate and promote provision of socio- economic empowerment among disadvantaged individual and families & vulnerable groups like women and girls, remote communities and people with disability through community mobilization, prioritization, drawing intervention strategies, budgeting and networking with relevant stakeholders for improved livelihoods and reduced dependence on government handouts. Also through utilization of available natural resources to promote conservation and sustainable usage of natural resources vulnerable groups can be empowered hence a resilience community who can voice out any violence act and stand for themselves .

Extreme poverty among vulnerable groups like women, girls and young boys hence higher dependence on economically empowered groups (working class) and dependence on government handout. The main objective is to eradicate poverty and promote economic empowerment among vulnerable groups to promote self -esteem through psychosocial support. The strategy is both preventative and curative and shall promote income generation hence enable vulnerable groups to provide for their basic needs and be weaned off government social safety nets. Collaboration and networking with relevant stakeholder for development of support groups to address violence behavior, abuse issues for gender mainstreaming.

Individuals and community groups identified an economic project after needs identification, market available, community profile, human and capital assets and available natural resources to sustain individuals to generate income. We facilitate Technical training on entrepreneurship and basic, Business management training, company/ business name & cooperative registration. Then funding for projects which is accompany by signing of memorandum of agreement and mobilization of resources. After funding we facilitate capacity building, opening of bank account, project monitoring marketing.Ministry of local government and Rural Development
Community Based Organization,Village Development committee,Child protection committee,District/Village multi sect oral committees,Child line, Women shelter,Gender Affairs, Agriculture LIMIT and Cooperative Department
Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism.

Community based approach starting with assessment of beneficiaries, screening, evaluation, approval and packaging. Provision of psychosocial support and team buildings with relevant stakeholders like promotion and community mobilization through 16 days of gender based violence activism

Lack of market at the village level we hold market days every last Friday each month. We do mini show quarterly and expo done yearly. Lack of motivation and too much dependence on government handout we then provide counselling, conduct capacity building workshop.Graduation of vulnerable groups from government programs, development of business/ companies, provision of basic needs to individual families. to sustain this we offer tender to community projects to supply school uniform to orphans and vulnerable groups, tendering for bakery at government school and provision of catering services to government workshops.

Empowers women and reduces poverty for improved livelihoods, ownership of small scale business and resilience community. Creation of employment at the village level, sustainable usage of natural resources.Sustainable projects is vital to economic empowerment can be achieved through address the burning issue. Economic diversification can be enhance. Creation of employment for youth hence reduce dependency

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