Botswana: North East District Council-Economic Empowerment at District level

Date: July 18, 2018
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North East District Council has adopted a project-based practice, which they have named Economic Empowerment at District level. The council seeks to integrate the gender perspective in its policy design process, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Pursuant to its efforts, the council has a women empowerment program under the rural development center. The council also seeks out and engages people living with disabilities, gender based violence survivors, the elderly and youth, to empower them on issues of ergonomics, entrepreneurship and social support. The council has funded various projects in its effort to mainstream gender in the community. These include Leratamang Mapoka curtains, which specializes in textiles and apparels.

It was funded with a sum of P 93 700 in 2017 under the women economic development program. There is also the Tsamaya brick moulding projects, which aims to empower unemployed persons in Tsamaya. Individuals who are part of the project are paid P 930 each month, while they accumulate one brick a day .After accumulating enough bricks to construct a structure, a builder is contracted by the council to erect any structure requested by the individual. The project has 9 women and 12 men as beneficiaries. Another effort by the council is a PWD special support program aimed at empowering people living with disabilities.

The council works closely with Gender Links to integrate gender into the council’s agenda, LEA, which provides information support and mentorship to beneficiaries,   and the Japan Corporation Agency, which brings in Japanese international volunteers to assist in capacity building, craft training and innovation. The council has set aside resources the sum P100 000.00 for gender specific programming and of P90 000.00 for gender mainstreaming activities that benefit vulnerable groups.


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