Botswana: Ruth Kedikilwe

Date: July 6, 2019
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The article, Botswana turns into a huge underground abortion clinic, provides a   brief outlook on the black market and extremely fatal method of terminating pregnancies in Botswana due to the criminalization of abortion.

The objective of the article was to put forth to policy makers and law enforcers that there are Batswana women performing illegal and potentially lethal abortions that claim their lives daily. Another objective was to persuade government to amend the laws on abortion, land it also sought to make the general public aware of the implications of having an abortion without the assistance of medical personnel in a medical facility.

The article’s audience is policy makers, law enforcement officers, the general public and health practitioners.

Through a Facebook post the publisher contacted and met with individuals who claimed to assist with unwanted pregnancies. She purchased pills that are used to terminate unwanted pregnancies and upon receipt of the pills she took them to a pharmacist who confirmed the substances of pills.

The Minister of Health and wellness Dr Alfred Madigele stated “The Ministry is considering having conversation around legalizing selective abortions. This is because we record a number of unsafe abortions and we will have to turn that around.”

Follow Up

In April 2019 the journalist published a follow up article “Abortions contribute to Maternal Mortality rates”

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