Botswana:Dumiso Gatsha- Sex Rights Africa Network

Botswana:Dumiso Gatsha- Sex Rights Africa Network

Date: July 6, 2019
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The network documents lived experiences of the LGBQTI+ youth through digital story telling. It does this to provide affirmative narratives and to bridge the gap between grassroots experiences and policy makers.

The network documents the human rights experiences of the LGBTIQI+ youth. It uses   sound messaging techniques, creates content and tools for advocacy.

The network holds activities such as, surveys, focus groups, data review, analysis, poetry arts, cards, online campaigns, forums.

The network structures its work under SDG 3, the SADC Gender Protocol Article 5 on affirmative action, Article 11 ensuring equal access of girls and boys and Article 15 on gender equality in comprehensive sex education.

The network’s data shows that there have been direct beneficiaries.  60% of the beneficiaries are women ,15 % are men and 25 % are Trans/ Non-conforming/Non-binary. The indirect beneficiaries consist of 60% women and 30% men and 10% Trans/ Non-conforming/ Non-Binary. The network’s online beneficiaries are divided into 60% women, 35% men and 5% Trans/ Non-conforming/ Non-binary.

The network faces the hardship of lack of funding and lack of sustained volunteer engagement. It has been apparent to the network that issues around LGBTQI+ are sexualised and politicized and so the network needs to conduct activities that address   patriarchy, privilege and power that exist systematically.

The network sustains its work through technology safeguards and consistent visual outputs.

The network plans to validate their current findings, engage policy makers, curate affirmative messaging, and lastly create an awareness campaign.

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