Botswana:Gakebagane Kebadireng Xkhomko Laundry services

Date: July 6, 2019
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Ms Kebadireng runs a laundry business started in 2017 but registered in 2018. The business focuses on washing clothes, blankets and carpets. The business has no full-time employees but employs part time workers who are also escaping from gender-based violence. She hopes and aims to grow her business to include dry cleaning because of the demand from her customers.

Budgeting and Pricing

She was taken for business and financial management classes by Lobatse Council and learned to keep thoroughly updated records to ascertain if the business is making losses or profits. She has managed to save some of her profits and currently has P3, 000.00 saved. In the past 3-6 months the company has realized an income of P3, 450.00 whilst incurring expenses of approximately P1, 090.00.

Plans for growth include promoting her business by using flyers, business cards, signage and advertising on Facebook.

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