Challenges faced by women with  fistula

Challenges faced by women with fistula

Date: May 27, 2015
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The program is a good example of gender in the Media content because the program is trying to expose challenges and all sorts of gender based violence women with a condition of fistula are going through. Based from their testimony it is clear that issue of Fistula is a gender issue hence the need for civic education especially for men.

The program also highlights best practises of life after fistula as the women I interviewed said their lives went to normal after their condition was cured thanks to Bwaila Fistula Care Centre in Lilongwe.
Again listening to the program it also established that most men who their wives were found with Fistula were not aware of that divorcing them was gender based violence hence the need for more civic education for them.

Through the program issue of women struggling with Fistula is history as several organisation and able to offer serveices.

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