Daddy Walk

Date: May 28, 2014
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It is a fact that when husbands/fathers is not involve with their children, most of the time the children will always have problems or issues during teenage years and young adults. This is a big problem in our sub-district that fathers not really involve with their children. For a father to be a role model for his children, means that he should be involve with his children from before birth to create a bond with the child. It is always the mothers who take the children to the clinic, school meetings, etc. When the father is a role model for his children by respecting and loving his wife and children, those children will also respect and love others because he/she had a proper role model to copy. To start addressing this we (CBS and HAST Coordinator, Department of Health) together with other stakeholders, including the Mossel Bay municipality, Piet Julies Aids Action Group, decided to arrange a â € œDaddy Walkâ €  to get fathers involve with their children from before birth. We invite the pregnant couples, those who attend the ante natal clinics at our facilities and explain to the mothers the importance of the involvement of fathers in childrenâ € ™s life. They then had to speak to their partners and take part in event. The criteria was that they must be below 27 weeks pregnant, must take part in event together with their husband, boyfriend or partner.

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