Diphuthantsheng drop-in-center

Date: May 17, 2015
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Diphuthantsheng drop-in-center is a non-profit organization operating at Mamehlabe Village.The organization is under local municipality of Aganang, Capricorn District. We are registered as non- profit organization and our ref no 074-059.We serve 106 orphans and vulnerable children on a regular daily basis. The area has a high rate of unemployment. Social problems related to this area are more orphans and vulnerable children who are in need of food parcels and grant. We refer them to Social Workers for assistance in getting grants also admitting them in the Drop-in centre for food support and education assistance. Those who need the birth certificate are referred to Home Affairs and SASSA for social grants. Sanitation is the major problem in the community where some were provided with free toilets while others were not. Water is also the main problem in the community as we get water in some days of the week. Transport is very scares we get only buses and taxis in the morning and they return in the afternoon. No mountains around this area. Key objectives of the network or alliance • To provide healthy meals for orphans and vulnerable children. • To assist orphans and vulnerable children with homeworks. • To engage orphans and vulnerable children with life skills education. • To network with local stakeholders. • To render counseling to orphans and vulnerable children • To make referrals to different organization.

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